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career and higher studies
The internship program not only provides scholars with hands-on experience in the field of wireless technology but also offers them a unique opportunity to join the organization as full-time Wireless Researchers upon completion of their internship. Furthermore, Gigayasa's location within the IITM Research Park allows scholars to apply for higher studies at IIT Madras, directly, without going through any entrance exam, while simultaneously continuing their work as part of our team. This affords researchers the opportunity to pursue advanced courses in parallel with their research work, facilitating a well-rounded development of their skills and knowledge.
publication of research papers
Collaborating with Gigayasa can provide research scholars with access to cutting-edge technology and resources, which can enhance the quality and impact of their research. By partnering with us, scholars can benefit from the company's expertise in simulation technology, as well as its access to advanced computational resources and software tools. In addition to gaining access to these resources, research scholars who collaborate with us can also contribute to the development of new simulation methods and techniques, which can benefit us and the wider scientific community. One of the key benefits of collaborating with us is the potential for co-authorship and joint publication. By working together on research projects, scholars can produce high-quality publications that are jointly authored by both parties. Furthermore, we provide guidance to research scholars on publications in international journals, with the expectation that the scholars will cite and credit Gigayasa's simulation tool in their papers.
corporate training and incubation
Gigayasa is committed to advancing the field of 5G technology and promoting innovation in various industries. As part of this commitment, Gigayasa offers commercial licenses to academia, which provides various benefits to academic institutions and to the startups incubated through them. With the commercial license, academic institutions can utilize the 5G-Toolkit and BWSim-5G license for commercial purposes, including corporate training programs. Faculty members can utilize these simulation tools for delivering high-quality corporate training programs, either within their campuses or at corporate campuses. Additionally, the commercial license also enables academic institutions to offer the license/products to startups availing Institute's lab facilities. Startups can leverage the 5G-Toolkit and BWSim-5G license to develop and test their products, enabling them to accelerate their development process.
intellectual propery and patents
Intellectual property (IP) is a critical aspect of research collaboration, particularly in deep tech areas where we operate. We recognize the importance of IP and have developed a policy for IP ownership and sharing for work outputs that come through research collaboration. Under this policy, Gigayasa will file IP for work outputs that come through research collaboration. The institute will be a co-applicant in the IP, which means that they will have shared ownership of the IP. This provides the institute with legal protection over the IP and allows them to mention it in any medium, such as research papers or publications. The institute is free to use the IP for any of its research or publications, except for competing purposes or for commercializing the same. Gigayasa will use the IP for its own commercial purposes without any royalty payment to the institute. However, if we sell or sublicense the IP, then a share of the royalty would be paid to the institute.
Gigayasa recognizes the importance of internships in developing the next generation of researchers and offers internships ranging from 2 to 6 months in wireless communications. The internships offered by Gigayasa are a great opportunity for research scholars to gain hands-on experience in the field of wireless communications and contribute to its advancement. The internships offered by us are paid, and the stipend is in accordance with the norms of the institute. Our internships are also an opportunity for research scholars to network with experienced professionals in the field of wireless communications. This can be invaluable in building relationships that can lead to future job opportunities or collaborations.